About us

About us


Patrik Jedlička has been fly-fishing since the age of ten, when his father first took him onto the Otava River. This river quickly became his favourite and he now knows it like the back of his hand. In 2010, Patrik realised his dream by completing the construction of Hotel Annín, on the banks of the Otava River. This river has become the spiritual home of many fly -fishermen from all over the world. Patrik not only guides his guests on this, but also other beautiful rivers in the South-West Bohemia region. In addition to guiding, Patrik is also able to teach all fly fishing techniques. Since 2011, he has regularly been attending the top fly fishing fairs throughout Europe, in an effort to promote fly fishing in the Czech Republic, mainly in the South-West Bohemia region. He also promotes on the fly fishing techniques typically used on Czech waters. Since 2014, Patrik has been cooperating with Luboš Roza, and other members of the Czech Fly-fishing team, and has been organising one-week fly fishing master classes.


Milan, who works full time as conservationist in water management, started his angling in age of eight as a coarse fisherman in the largest reservoir in Europe, Lipno. Later, during studies at university, he started with fly fishing, which is nowadays his preferred angling method. Milan works part time for South Bohemian Board of Czech Angling Union. Milan is also top fly fishing competitor, and he uses his professional skills (he is hydro-biologist and fish ecologist), organisation skills and good English in organisation of different fly fishing events, including local competitions, FIPS MOUCHE World and European Championships and special workshops, courses and guided days. Milan runs his own webpage and blog at www.milanhladik.cz.

Milan Hladik

It was maybe natural and inevitable development, that this two friends combine their experience and knowledge under one company and from 2018 they provide large amount of services which can satisfy any client and which cover all rivers in the beautiful south-west region of the Czech Republic.