Early Season – April 16 to mid-May

The beginning of the season is always dependent on the amount of snow in mountain areas and therefore on the water level in the river. After a long period of rest the fish are active and you can achieve interesting catch especially with the nymph or with the fly. Everything depends on the weather and at this time it is always a good idea to contact us first and get detailed information about the situation.

Mid Season – mid-May and June

The best season for brown trout. At this time, it is possible to catch large quantities of fish every day, especially on a dry fly. The river is already in the normal state and if the rain comes, the water rises and falls very quickly. Fish are active throughout the whole day and especially in the evening in late June. Who loves catching with sage, so this is the right time.

Holiday Season – July till end of August

I cannot recommend summer holiday period for fishing on the Otava river primarily because it is a main tourist season, and a large number of ships sail the river every day. Fishing is suitable at this time, especially early in the morning and in the evening. If you want to spend the holiday with your family in our hotel and to enjoy fishing, then this is a good time for you.

Autumn Season – September, October

The best time for grayling fishing. At this time the fish are active primarily during the day from 10:00 to 17:00. If there is the right day we can experience a beautiful gathering of grayling and it is also the right time to catch on nymphs. Personally, I consider this period for the most beautiful one in Šumava. Also, because there are few tourists here in this period and we rarely meet someone by the river. In this period brown trout begins to reproduce and tan slowly moves to smaller streams for spawning. At this time it is possible to catch the largest trouts.

Very Late Season – November

Again, as in the early spring everything depends on weather. At this time, graylings are gathering mainly around noon, and so it is preferable to catch on nymph. The river is slowly getting ready for winter, but graylings are still very active. Who does not mind chilly weather and shorter days will be very satisfied.