Informations about river

Distance from the hotel 2 minutes by walk
Total length of the river 30 km
Fishes brown trout, grayling, rainbow trout
Average size 30 – 40 cm
Fishing season April 16 – November 31
Peak time May, June, September, October, November
Fishing style fly fishing – dry and wet fly lure, nymphs and streamer, max 3 flies
Tackle Single handed rod # 2-5

The Otava river, fed by two mountain tributaries, the Vydra and the Křemelná, continues from their confluence through a picturesque valley of the Šumava National Park and meanders around Annín Hotel to flow into the Vltava. The fishing section is about 30 km long, with every bit different, offering new fishing experience.

The river may be divided into three areas:

Mountain area - 10 kilometres

The river is faster here, full of large stones, the place is suitable for trout fishing. The ideal method of catching is catching on a dry fly and light nymph.

Middle area - 8 kilometres

You can find here larger pools, the water slows down and fish size is larger. It is possible to catch grayling and bigger brown trout here.

The lower area - 12 kilometres

The river widens, it is more deep, there are beautiful stretches for fishing with nymph and streamer. Here we can find the brook trout and grayling of the size from about 40 to 45 cm, rainbow trouts and brook trouts.