Informations about river

Distance from the hotel 55 min by car
Total length of the river 6.5 km
Fishes rainbow trout, pike, European chub
Average size 45 – 60 cm
Fishing season All year
Peak time May, June, September, October
Fishing style fly fishing – dry and wet fly lure, nymphs and streamer, max 3 flies
Tackle Single handed rod # 4 - 7

This fishing district is situated near the city of České Budějovice. It is a trophy part, where big fish is planted, especially rainbow trout. It is an ideal place where you can try fight with up to 4 kg rainbow trouts and improve your nymph and streamer technique. You can also find here big pikes up to 1 m long. You can also be surprised with a barbell or a chub. Fishermen who like challenges and trophy fishing will find the right place for them here.