Informations about river

Distance from the hotel 20 min by car
Total length of the river 7 km
Fishes Native brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, dace
Average size 20 – 40 cm
Fishing season April 16 – August 31st/September/ 30th
Peak time All months
Fishing style fly fishing – mainly nymph and dry fly
Tackle Single handed rod # 3 – 4, 8-9

This fishing district is situated between Lipno Reservoir and Vyšší Brod (mediaeval town with one of largest monastery in the Czech Republic). One of the best fly fishing river in the Czech Republic flowing through steep wooded valley characterised by big boulders and deep pools, which hosts good native population of brown trout and occasionally stocked rainbow trout. Other native fish are chub, dace, roach and perch, occasionally grayling. In the upper part, just under the dam of the Lipno Reservoir, there is located the Trophy – part with special strict rules. Fish stock is enriched by the stocking of brook trout of a good size.